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  • Elite LE3100 device - 1 pc.
  • vaginal probe Nu-Tek NT1041 - 1 item
  • self-adhesive electrodes 5x5 cm - 4 pcs
  • self-adhesive electrodes 5x10 cm - 2 pcs
  • stand for setting the foam device - 1 pc.
  • case - 1 pc.
  • AA 1.5V batteries - 4 pcs.
  • double lead for EMG electrodes or probes (red) - 1 pc.
  • twin lead for EMG electrodes or probe (white) - 1 pc.
  • cable (black) - 1 pc.
  • user manual



Levator Elite LE3100 is a two-channel electrostimulation device used in muscle rehabilitation for various types of urinary incontinence and in improving the overall functioning of the pelvic floor muscles. It is an electrostimulator that uses 3 methods of rehabilitation, which include: EMG biofeedback, EMS neuromuscular electrostimulation and ETS stimulation.

The device has 59 preset programs that include urological treatment, muscle rehabilitation, pain relief, sports exercises and fitness. Additionally, the stimulator has 11 own programs.

A large, color LCD display, as well as control by means of a keyboard and circular navigation buttons make the operation of the device easy and intuitive. Information on the evaluation of the results obtained during the therapy session is displayed on the screen. More detailed data analysis is possible using the computer software available as an additional option. This program also allows you to upload new versions of treatment protocols to the stimulator.

The Levator Elite LE3100 has 5 two-channel stimulation modes:

  • CONT - continuous
  • SYN - synchronous (work / rest) with the possibility of setting the shift time (Delay)
  • ALT - alternating (one channel once, the second channel once)
  • MOD - modulated (high Hz and low μs at work, vice versa at rest)
  • BURST - shock (series of 9 pulses)

Levator Elite LE3100 can be used at home and in specialist surgeries. Moreover, it can be used in rehabilitation, as well as only for diagnostic purposes.



  • two-channel device
  • 2 operating modes: treatment and patient
  • 5 modes of two-channel stimulation
  • 3 technologies: Biofeedback EMG, EMS stimulation, ETS
  • large 2.4 'color display
  • operation with buttons
  • 59 ready-made treatment programs divided into 5 areas: urology, muscle rehabilitation, pain relief, sports exercises and fitness
  • manual EMG threshold and automatic threshold
  • 11 own programs
  • use in rehabilitation and diagnostics
  • Narrowband filter (NARROW) to eliminate EMG disturbances in the area of ​​the heart
  • broadband filter (WIDE) to eliminate power grid interference
  • presentation of muscle activity in visual and auditory form
  • calculating statistical data using device history
  • 5 language options to choose from (English, German, Italian, French and Spanish)
  • battery powered



High-quality vaginal probe with electrodes in the form of side plates, for use in EMS electrostimulation of Kegel muscles and EMG biofeedback. The probe works with electrostimulators with cables terminated with a 2 mm pin plug.

The probe is designed for multiple use by one person.

  • unusual lightness
  • ergonomic shape, ensuring easy application and comfort of use
  • sizes: total length: 97 mm, length of the vaginal part: 76 mm, diameter: 27.5 mm
  • large conductive surface in the form of side plates


The device operates in two modes:

  • the treatment mode allows you to set all treatment parameters. In this mode, the EMG signal is displayed in the form of a line diagram.

  • the patient mode is used after prior configuration by the doctor and does not allow the patient to change the selected program and most of the parameters. After that, the patient can use the device at home or in a hospital ward. In this mode, the EMG signal is displayed in the form of a bar graph.



Biofeedback is the feedback of the body's biological function. It allows the user to identify and modify body functions to improve self-control. Before starting the procedure, place the electrodes that receive the EMG signal. For this purpose, you can use self-adhesive gel electrodes glued to the skin in the place where the rehabilitated muscles are located. In the case of urinary incontinence therapy, we use a vaginal probe for this purpose. Muscle activity is measured during muscle tension and relaxation, by detecting EMG signals, of the order of microvolts, sent by the muscles. This activity is visualized on the screen on an ongoing basis. This helps to increase awareness of and control over the muscles.

The electrostimulator emits short beeps to indicate that the threshold is reached or not (the EMG threshold can be set manually to hard or as an automatic threshold during the session). Thanks to this, the patient does not have to constantly look at the screen and can only be guided by the sounds sent by the device. When the EMG signal exceeds the set threshold value, the device will respond with the GOOD voice message.

The device measures the EMG signal with the possibility of assessing the condition of the muscles and has 2 programs for independent exercises with voice instructions (WORK, REST).

At the end of each training session, the evaluation of your performance is shown in the display as statistics. As therapy progresses, all EMG parameters should improve.

To work with this mode, a vaginal probe is used (in the case of urinary incontinence therapy) or adhesive electrodes glued to the skin in the place where the rehabilitated muscles are located.

Available programs:

PC1, PC2 Muscle training with any parameters of one EMG phase. The duration of the program is a maximum of 99 minutes (calculated automatically)



EMS neuromuscular electrostimulation is a method in which muscles or motor nerves are stimulated using electrical impulses. The device sends current pulses to the muscles to stimulate them to contract. This method is used for weakened muscles, when the natural mechanism of the nervous system is not able to lead to contractions, among others. in the treatment of urinary incontinence. After just a few weeks, the muscles should be stronger.

The wide range of changes in stimulation parameters available in the Nu-Tek Maxi Plus 2 device makes it possible to adapt it to various requirements and expectations.

In the case of advanced therapy, it is possible to use two channels in the synchronous mode with the possibility of defining the delay time (Delay) and in the alternating mode (ALT), e.g. during stimulation of an agonist and antagonist muscle.

To work with this mode, a vaginal probe is used (in the case of urinary incontinence therapy - in men, a rectal probe can be used) or adhesive electrodes glued to the skin in the vicinity of the muscle to be rehabilitated.

Available programs - urological diseases:

  • P1 Urge incontinence in women 1
  • P2 Stress urinary incontinence 1
  • P3 Stress urinary incontinence 2
  • P4 Pollakiuria
  • P5 Stress urinary incontinence - lumbar electrodes
  • P6 Stimulation of the tibial nerve in overactive bladder and fecal incontinence
  • P7 Stress urinary incontinence - buttocks electrodes
  • P8 Mixed / stress / pressure pollakiuria
  • P9 Sensory nerve test to determine the level of current (mA) at which a muscle contraction is felt (needed for program P10).
  • P10 Regeneration of sensory nerves
  • P11 Rectal stimulation for women and men
  • P12 Exercise your pelvic floor muscles to keep fit
  • P13 Maximum explosive exercise for the pelvic floor muscles
  • P14 Pelvic floor muscle strength
  • P15 Weekly Maintenance
  • P16 For new mothers (at least 6 weeks postpartum)
  • P17 After removal of the uterus
  • P18 Stage 1 bladder prolapse
  • P19 Improvement of sexual performance
  • P20 Pain relief
  • PC1, PC2 - programs with freely configured stimulation parameters

Available programs - rehabilitation:

  • P1 Stroke
  • P2 Chronic palsy of the facial nerve
  • P3 Acute palsy of the facial nerve
  • P4 Multiple sclerosis
  • P5 Arthritis
  • P6 Knee pain, muscle wasting and swelling
  • P7 Idle muscle atrophy
  • PC1 Program with freely configured stimulation parameters according to your own requirements, including up to 5 phases with a total treatment time of up to 99 minutes.

Pain relief programs available:

  • P1 Blocking pain 1
  • P2 Pain blocking 2
  • P3 Acupuncture 1
  • P4 Acupuncture 2
  • P5 Pain relief 1
  • P6 Pain relief 2
  • P7 Minimize accommodation 1
  • P8 Minimize accommodation 2
  • P9 Minimize accommodation 3
  • P10 Professor Hans mode
  • PC1 Program with freely configured stimulation parameters according to your own requirements, including up to 5 phases with a total treatment time of up to 99 minutes.

Available programs - fitness - improvement of condition:

  • P1 Warm-up
  • P2 Muscle toning
  • P3 Aerobic exercise
  • P4 Anaerobic exercises
  • P5 Massage
  • P6 Endurance
  • P7 Muscle relaxation
  • P8 Tired legs
  • PC1 Program with freely configured stimulation parameters according to your own requirements, including up to 5 phases with a total treatment time of up to 99 minutes.

Available programs - sport - sport exercises:

  • P1 Warm-up
  • P2 Active regeneration
  • P3 Muscle toning
  • P4 Anaerobic exercises
  • P5 Aerobic exercise
  • P6 Sports endurance
  • P7 Resistance training 1
  • P8 Resistance training 2
  • P9 Strength training 1
  • P10 Strength training 2
  • P11 Explosive force
  • P12 Maximum shrinkage
  • P13 Muscle relaxation
  • P14 Resuming sports activity
  • PC1, PC2 Programs with freely configured stimulation parameters according to your own requirements, including up to 5 phases with a total treatment time of up to 99 minutes.



It is a combination of EMG biofeedback training with EMS electrostimulation, which is an extremely effective method of treating weak and spastic muscle paresis.

Once the patient has reached a certain EMG signal threshold, an emission of current pulses (EMS) occurs which causes a contraction or increases the strength of the natural contraction. After stopping this stimulation, the patient should maintain the contraction by himself. If you are treating weakened muscles, you should set the target EMG signal threshold low and adjust your work and rest periods accordingly.

After each EMG / ETS treatment session, the electrostimulator calculates the parameters of the measured EMG signal. The obtained results make it possible to evaluate the progress of treatment.

Technical parameters:
2 years
Baterie 4xAA
Standard of electrode connection:
pin 2mm
Output voltage:
90 V
2-100 Hz
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