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Ring pessary Dr. Arabin

pessar pierścieniowy dr. Arabin

Ring pessary Dr. Arabin - description:

A ring pessary is a gynecological device used by women. Its primary use is to support the treatment of urinary incontinence and lowering of the pelvic organs, such as uterine or bladder prolapse. This pessary has a ring shape and is made of flexible material, which allows it to fit comfortably to the inside of the vaginal walls.

Inserting the pessary is done by folding the ring and placing it in the vagina, where it unfolds to provide support for the pelvic organs. This device can be used permanently or only in specific situations, for example while practicing sports.

The ring pessary also helps in cases of mild to moderate pelvic organ depression, improving quality of life and comfort. It is an alternative for women who do not want or cannot undergo surgery.

Its use requires regular inspection and hygiene to avoid infection or irritation. Pessaries are available in various sizes, which allows you to choose the right one for the individual patient's needs.

A ring pessary is also used in some cases to treat urinary incontinence, especially when it is caused by physical exercise, coughing or laughing.

Despite its effectiveness, the use of a pessary requires regular visits to the doctor and close cooperation between the patient and the medical team to ensure optimal therapy results. Pessaries are medical devices.

 pessar pierścieniowy - miednica

Construction of a ring pessary:

The pessaries are made of tissue-friendly silicone, and the pressure level of the rings is adjusted so that the same hand strength is required to assemble them in each size. This means that small and large ring pessaries do not differ in durability. The pessary can be stored at room temperature from 1 to 30°C, protected against UV radiation, without direct contact with reactive media such as gas, ozone or mineral oil. A ring pessary is a reusable medical device. Ring pessaries are available in sizes from 50 mm to 100 mm in diameter.


Ring pessaries - when to use?

The ring pessary is used to treat patients with milder forms of pelvic floor depression and/or stress urinary incontinence. The indication is determined by the family doctor or (g-)gynecologist, who monitors the success of the therapy. The user is expected to still have a stable (albeit reduced) pelvic floor. By repositioning the prolapse and supporting the urethra, it may also prevent the development of stress urinary incontinence. The goal of ring pessary therapy is to reduce prolapse problems for the patient, even when combined with additional measures such as pelvic floor muscle training and/or drug therapy. Even if surgery is planned long term, a ring pessary can be used as "preparation".


Contraindications to the use of ring pessaries:

  • III-IV degree of organ prolapse, which should be treated with a cube or mushroom pessary,
  • For patients who require care or are unable to ensure regular changes, it may be advisable to involve a caregiver or family member in managing the removal and insertion of the pessary.
  • Pain, bleeding or heavy discharge, consult your doctor
  • Allergy to silicone is extremely rare, but may also be a contraindication,
  • Active infections, including vaginitis or pelvic inflammatory disease, prevent the use of a pessary until the infection subsides,
  • Postmenopausal women who have thin vaginal mucosa are more susceptible to vaginal ulcers when using a pessary. Treatment with estrogen cream may make the vaginal mucosa more resistant to erosion because estrogen reduces inflammation and promotes epithelial regeneration.


Thin ring pessary and wide (thick) ring pessary:

Unlike a "straight" ring, a thick ring has a much larger circumference of the ring part and, consequently, a larger surface area. This increases the contact surface and reduces the risk of damage caused by pressure on the vaginal walls. It is dedicated to older patients with minor vaginal wall depressions. A thick (wide) ring pessary may be less comfortable in everyday use.

Wide ring pessary dr. Arabin is also in our offer. The doctor decides which pessaries to choose for therapy.


Ring pessary Dr. Arabin - package contents:

  • Ring pessary Dr. Arabin,
  • User manual


NOTE: After unpacking the product, it is not possible to return it.

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