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  • Emy's device (with charger, USB cable and instructions in Polish)
  • Free access to all programs in the application, i.e. up to 20 games in the Emy application (menu in Polish)
  • Free access to expert advice on optimizing pelvic floor rehabilitation
  • Clear control of progress, i.e. insight into the results of previous training sessions and an analysis showing your progress
  • Possibility of preparing an individual training by a specialist caring for you
Emy made in France
you can sure of
Perfect precision and a guarantee of high quality




We want each of you to achieve the best results and use all the possibilities that Emy offers, so the purchase price includes access to all trainings in the Emy application. Without additional costs. No subscription. No need to select packages.





Emy is a pelvic floor muscle training device which, through intuitive and easy tasks, provides precise real-time measurement of voluntary contractions of various pelvic floor muscles (biofeedback). The device is connected to a free mobile application that provides access to exercises prepared by specialists.

The sessions last from 5 to 20 minutes, and the first effects of Ema are visible after 3 weeks of use. Remember that pelvic floor muscles are worth exercising throughout your life! Therefore, when you strengthen their strength and endurance together with Emy, it is worth maintaining this effect with systematic training!

Emy's device was designed and manufactured with French know-how and partners based exclusively in France.

Emy has the perfect dimensions for your anatomy - only 10.5 cm long (about 6 cm vaginal part) and 3.4 cm in diameter at the widest part. Thanks to this, its application and the training session itself will not be unpleasant. If you have concerns about the size, you may also be reassured by the fact that the Emy has the same dimensions as the biofeedback probes used most often in specialist practice. Emy is a great solution if the possibilities of using this type of pelvic floor muscle trainer are limited due to pain.

There are 360 ​​° pressure sensors on the surface of the device that record all movements and contractions of the pelvic floor muscles, and then convert them into a visual signal sent to the mobile application. Emy allows you to see your efforts in the form of assignments, complete the exercises, and then validate your execution.



The app measures the maximum strength of muscle contractions at the beginning of each training session, allowing you to calibrate the probe and adjust the level of exercise to the current state of the muscles. As a result, the level and difficulty of the exercises fluctuate in line with your progress and are always adapted to your level.

In addition, the strength test is performed every fourth exercise during each training, which means that the application, in addition to the general MDM status, also takes into account muscle fatigue during a given training.





Emy's users were asked to answer a few questions about the probe's effectiveness, here are the results:

  • 92% find Ema's solution motivating
  • 90% are very satisfied with the results after 6 weeks of use
  • 87% find Emy convenient to use
  • 84% would recommend Emy to their friends
  • 70% are very satisfied with the results obtained after less than a month of exercise



The app allows you to track and observe the work of your pelvic floor muscles, with or without the Emy device. The pelvic floor exercises in Ema's mobile app were developed by specialists. Their concept is based on the medical protocol "Perfect Scheme", traditionally used for pelvic floor re-education. Thanks to the offered exercises, you will strengthen the strength, endurance and speed of the muscles. The visualization of the course of exercises has been designed in an original way, thanks to which you will not be bored during the session. In addition, the application provides expert advice on optimizing pelvic floor rehabilitation.

The pelvic floor muscle training application is available in Polish. After purchasing the Emy probe, you will have free access to all functionalities. No subscriptions or additional fees.

You can see the trainings offered by the application now. Download the Emy application to your smartphone and choose training without Emy >>>

Emy will provide you with a variety of effective and safe pelvic floor muscle training.




Emy's pelvic floor training app is an intelligent solution that evolves and adapts to your needs and performance. This is possible by measuring the strength of the pelvic floor muscles. The measurement is taken at the beginning of each training session, which allows you to calibrate the probe and adjust the level of exercise to the current state of the muscles. This allows the level and difficulty of the exercises to change in line with your progress.

The strength test is performed every fourth exercise, thanks to which the application, in addition to the general MDM status, also takes into account muscle fatigue during a given training.


It is never too late to train your pelvic floor! Exercising 15 minutes every 2 days is a good start to gain control of your pelvic floor. The application is based on 4 indicators such as strength, repetition, endurance and speed.



Instead of indicating what action to take, the feedback provides information about the action that has been taken. Biofeedback is simply the feedback of a biological function in the body. This allows the user to identify and modify body functions that they did not know about for self-control.

Biofeedback gives you a visual trace of your voluntary pelvic muscle contractions. By focusing your attention on your pelvic floor, you take control of your body step by step. With this innovative and patented technology, you visualize contractions and progress.

In the case, Emy's sensors record contractions and then send them via Bluetooth to the Emy app, which allows you to view pelvic floor muscle contractions on your smartphone.

A large part of pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation procedures performed by specialists is carried out using biofeedback therapy. This technology has been proven and that is why the developers of Ema chose this method.



Urinary incontinence is a very common disorder in women. Urinary incontinence is defined as the occurrence of involuntary leakage of urine through the urethra.

Sphincter contraction regulates the opening and closing of various channels (urethra, vagina and anus). In the case of a bladder, the pelvic floor regulates the closure of the urethra to prevent urine leakage. This force must be greater than any force that presses against the bladder. Leakage occurs when the pelvic floor is not strong enough. In this case, the sphincter cannot close properly.

Urinary incontinence can occur for many reasons, such as after childbirth or during the menopause. Lifelong pelvic floor training is essential to prevent this problem. Emy helps you learn to locate the pelvic floor, perform contractions, and strengthen the muscles and their properties (elasticity, tonicity, endurance). The Pelvic Floor Exercise with Emy is intended both for people suffering from urinary incontinence and for those who want to prevent its occurrence.

The first effects are visible after 3 weeks of use.

Emy is an effective remedy for urinary incontinence.


The pelvic floor plays an important role during intercourse. During the pre-orgasm phase, adequate muscle tone is required to increase sensations during the act, but only relaxation causes orgasm. Therefore, the ability to control the muscles of the pelvic floor is a guarantee of intense sensations.

Weak pelvic floor muscles reduce the sensations during intercourse. On the other hand, too tense muscles can cause pain during intercourse. These two situations can be remedied by practicing the correct tone and contraction control of the pelvic floor muscles using the Emy device.


The pressure of the uterus and bladder on the pelvic floor, incorrect preparation of the fundus muscles for childbirth, and an incision of the perineum can greatly weaken them and make it difficult to return to normal. Therefore, it is important to learn how to relax your pelvic floor during pregnancy. This will make it easier for the baby to pass through the birth canal and prevent the bladder from weakening, which can cause incontinence problems later.

Emy's device allows you to prepare the pelvic floor muscles for pregnancy and childbirth, and also to strengthen it in the event of problems in the postpartum period.

Organ lowering is one of the stages of disturbance of the statics of a given organ or other adjacent to it. With the correct tone of the pelvic floor muscles and ligaments, there is a bladder in front of the pelvic bone just behind the pubic bone. Right above it - the uterus. On the other hand, on the back - the rectum. When the ligaments and fascia that support the pelvic organs lose their elasticity, the pelvic diaphragm lowers, which may lead to the fallout (prolapse) of the uterus, bladder or rectum. These organs, apart from their own suspending mechanisms, are also related to each other, so the fall (falling out) of one of them may result in another ligament or fascia connected to it.

By exercising with Emy, you will strengthen your pelvic muscles and reduce the risk of worsening hair loss.




The Pro zone is a functionality for professionals working with Ema's pelvic floor muscle trainer. Using it, they can prepare personalized trainings and then share them with their patients. It is a perfect solution for doctors, urogynecological physiotherapists, midwives and trainers who want to recommend their patients a home training consisting of a specific type and strength of exercises adapted to the current condition of the pelvic floor muscles.

The specialist can offer the patient a tailored training program based on:

  • the type of exercises performed
  • the duration of the exercises
  • degree of difficulty of the exercises


ATTENTION! For hygiene reasons, any return of the product under the 14-day right of return will not be considered if the device is unpacked and the seal is removed from the packaging.

Technical parameters:
silikon i biokompatybilny plastik
90g (without battery)
10,5 x 3,2 cm
akumulator litowo-jonowy 3.7V
2 years
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