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Ring urethral pessary with thickening for the urethral area Dr. Arabin


pessar cewkowy pierścieniowy dr. Arabin

Ring urethral pessary - description:

A urethral pessary is a tool used to treat stress and urge urinary incontinence in women, acting by supporting the urethra and preventing the vaginal walls from lowering. During any physical exercise, in people with stress urinary incontinence, the upper part of the urethra "opens" as the pressure in the abdominal cavity increases. It works by mechanically supporting the walls of the vagina and urethra, which helps prevent uncontrolled leakage of urine, especially during exercise such as coughing, laughing or exercising.

The urethral pessary has a characteristic thickening. Thanks to the thickening of the pessary, it supports the area around the connection between the bladder and the urethra. This place is called the bladder neck. The pessary is made of medical silicone and is a certified medical device.

Pessaries are available in various sizes and shapes, and their selection should be made by a specialist after a thorough gynecological examination. Inserting and removing the pessary takes some practice, but many women are able to handle it on their own. Regular check-ups with your doctor are necessary to monitor your health and the fit of your pessary, as well as to prevent possible complications such as infections and pressure sores. Urethral pessaries are considered a safe and effective method of treating stress urinary incontinence for many women, offering an alternative to pharmacological or surgical treatment.


Ring urethral pessary - uses and indications:

  • In patients with stress urinary incontinence (e.g. when coughing, sneezing),
  • In the field of urge urinary incontinence or mixed urinary incontinence,
  • Cystocele.


Ring urethral pessary - sizing and using:

The examining physician adjusts the urethral pessary during the first examination. A pessary should be used, which ensures the best continence when coughing in a standing position and at the same time allows for trouble-free emptying of the bladder. It may be necessary to switch to a larger pessary after some time because, due to loosening of the tissue, the pessary no longer closes the bladder sufficiently and small amounts of urine may leak into the urethra.

During fitting, the ring is guided through the posterior vaginal vault so that the passage between the bladder and urethra is raised by tilting the thickening upwards/frontwards. When first inserted, test whether the pessary holds under stress such as coughing, straining and movement.

Urethral pessaries are usually worn during the day, sometimes only during physical activity (e.g. sports). It is recommended that the patient remove the pessary in the evening and reinsert it in the morning. Your doctor may recommend further measures, such as hormone therapy. This may facilitate the insertion and change of the pessary and support epithelial and tissue regeneration as needed. Treatment with estrogen cream may make the vaginal mucosa more resistant to erosion because it reduces inflammation and promotes epithelial maturation (estrogen improves local circulation).

The pessary is inserted in a standing position, with one leg placed on a chair, stool or the edge of the bed. If this is too difficult, you can try doing it with your legs slightly apart while standing against a wall or lying down. The pessary should be squeezed before insertion. The stability of the pessary is crucial to provide a beneficial therapeutic effect.

When removing, handling is very simple. The patient pulls the ring with her index finger. Using a pulling thread may be helpful. If the patient is unable to urinate, remove the pessary and select a smaller size after consulting a doctor or physiotherapist. Even if surgery is planned, a urethral pessary may be considered as a "trial pessary" for or against surgical therapy. The patient should be instructed to report any discomfort immediately, including when passing urine/stools during pessary therapy.


Contraindications for the urethral pessary:

  • Allergies to the material used to produce the pessary, i.e. silicone,
  • Inflammatory diseases of the female pelvic organs,
  • Bleeding from the genital tract,
  • Pelvic organ prolapse in degrees III and IV.


Before using the pessary for the first time, remember:

  • Read the information in the user manual,
  • The pessary should be kept in room conditions,
  • The shelf life of the pessary in intact packaging is 10 years from the date of production,
  • After starting use, it is recommended to use it for a period of three years. If any damage such as cracks, deformations or color changes are detected during inspection, the pessary should be replaced immediately,
  • The product should not be used if any mechanical damage is visible (cuts, cracks, etc.) on its surface,
  • Before re-use, the pessary must be thoroughly washed under a stream of water using a cleaning agent (e.g. liquid soap). You can use a soft brush,
  • The material from which the product is made allows this procedure to be performed multiple times,
  • The use of a silicone pessary may promote the development of inflammation of the female pelvic organs during therapy. Remember to remove the pessary at night.


Dr Arabin urethral pessary package contents:

  • Ring urethral pessary with thickening for the urethral area Dr. Arabin
  • User manual

NOTE: After unpacking the equipment, it is not possible to return it.

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