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  • Pelvifine KM530 electrostimulator with biofeedback EMG
  • adhesive electrodes - 3 pairs
  • vaginal probe - 1 item
  • electrode wires (white) - 2 pcs.
  • REF signal wire (black) - 1 pc.
  • USB cable - 1 pc.
  • user manual - 1 pc.



Pelvifine KM530 is a two-channel electrostimulator with biofeedback, which is an excellent solution dedicated to rehabilitation and assessment of the condition of the pelvic floor muscles. The device is equipped with 4 modes, including EMG and two types of stimulation, as well as the option of recording the course of treatment. A wide range of programs: 22 ready programs and 3 STIM user programs, as well as 6 EMG training games allow you to choose the course of treatment to the needs and capabilities of the user.

The large, easy-to-read LCD display presents information about the EMG signal as well as STIM and ETS stimulation. Operating the camera with buttons is easy and intuitive.

The use of Pelvifine KM530 improves the work of muscles and their blood supply, which translates into the solution of problems related to urinary incontinence, and also improves the quality of sexual life. The solution will also help strengthen muscles that are weakened after childbirth, hernia surgery, or hysterectomy.

Charging is done via the USB cable.



  • two-channel device
  • 2 passes
  • 2 stimulation modes: ETS and STIM
  • EMG biofeedback: test and training
  • 6 kinds of EMG training games
  • large color LCD display
  • operation with buttons
  • 22 ready-made programs
  • 3 editable programs
  • treatment registry option
  • ergonomic design
  • all materials in contact with the patient are tested and have passed biocompatibility tests in accordance with the requirements of ISO10993-1



The device works in 4 modes:

  • EMG test - allows you to assess the condition of the pelvic floor muscles. If the value displayed by the EMG exceeds the set threshold, it means that the trainer's muscle strength has reached the desired effect. Upon completion of the test, the EMG plot is automatically generated and displayed as a coordinate system. The EMG test plot shows the last 30 times of the EMG test, and the histogram shows the trend of the user's EMG changes.

  • EMG game mode - this is an active training for the user to activate the muscles of the treated area using animation. There are 6 games to choose from.


  • ETS mode - pacing triggered by electromyography. A combination of active and passive treatment modes that train the user's self-contracting ability. After the EMG test is performed, electrical stimulation is triggered when the EMG value reaches the set threshold.


  • STIM mode - stimulation with the use of 22 preset programs or 3 user programs



Biofeedback of the feedback device function. Allows you to improve the function of tweaks and modified functions, to improve self-control. Before adjusting the image, position the electrodes that receive the EMG signal. For this purpose, you can use gel teeth electrodes glued to the skin in the place where they are rehabilitated. As part of the treatment of urinary incontinence, we use a vaginal probe for this purpose. The activity measurement that is used will be their tensing and relaxing by detecting EMG resolution, microvolt sequence, and muscle patrolling. The activity is constantly updated on the screen. It helps to increase.



EMS neuromuscular electrostimulation is a method in which the muscles or motor nerves are stimulated using electrical impulses. The device sends current pulses to the muscles to stimulate them to contract. This method is used for weakened muscles, when the natural mechanism of the nervous system is not able to lead to contractions, among others. in the treatment of urinary incontinence. After just a few weeks, the muscles should be stronger.

The wide range of changes in stimulation parameters available in the Nu-Tek Maxi Plus 2 device makes it possible to adapt it to various requirements and expectations.

In the case of advanced therapy, it is possible to use two channels in the synchronous mode with the possibility of determining the delay time (Delay) and in the alternating mode (ALT), e.g. for stimulation of agonist and antagonist muscles.

To work with this mode, a vaginal probe is used (in the case of urinary incontinence therapy - in men, a rectal probe can be used) or adhesive electrodes glued to the skin in the vicinity of the muscle to be rehabilitated.



It is a combination of EMG biofeedback training with EMS electrostimulation, which is an extremely effective method of treating weak and spastic muscle paresis.

Once the patient has reached a certain EMG signal threshold, Emission Bursts of Current (EMS) occur which cause a contraction or increase the strength of the natural contraction. After stopping this stimulation, the patient should maintain the contraction by himself. If you are going to treat weakened muscles, you should set the target EMG signal threshold low and adjust your work and rest periods accordingly.

After each EMG / ETS treatment session, the electrostimulator calculates the parameters of the measured EMG signal. The obtained results make it possible to evaluate the progress of treatment.

Technical parameters:
2 years
Akumulator litowy 7.4V DC/1200mAh
Standard of electrode connection:
pin 2mm
Output voltage:
90 V
2-100 Hz
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