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VaxAid Deluxe penis pump for the treatment of erections

Please choose the appropriate pump size

The Vaxaid Deluxe erection pump is the most convenient and effective pump designed to help you easily achieve and maintain a full erection and support the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The Vaxaid Deluxe pump is comfortable to use, allowing for quick and effective action. Due to its effectiveness, it is used to improve the quality of sexual intercourse and can help people with sexual performance problems return to full functionality and enjoy a satisfying sex life again.

The effectiveness of the erection pump results from the use of special technology and a double pumping system, which allows for precise regulation of the air pressure in the pump, which allows you to obtain and maintain a stronger erection.

The Vaxaid Deluxe pump is a useful tool consisting of a cylinder that fits over the penis and has an ergonomic design ideal for any user. It is recommended by specialists for erectile dysfunction because it is safe and effective, as well as non-invasive and side-effect-free - most men do not experience any unwanted side effects and can easily use penis pumps on a regular basis.

It is a product that can be used both on a daily basis and when immediate support is needed. It can be used in water as well as in the traditional way, i.e. using air or water pressure.

However, it is worth remembering that before using the VaxAid Deluxe pump in case of erection problems, it is always worth consulting a doctor, e.g. a urologist or a sexologist, who will help you choose the appropriate therapy and provide the necessary instructions on its use.


What is a penis pump and how does it work?

A penis pump works on the principle of a vacuum pump, generating a vacuum around the penis using water or air pressure, causing blood to flow to the penis and helping to achieve an erection. The pump seals the pelvic socket, not the shaft of the penis itself, so it is not limited to a certain length, allowing full blood flow, increasing the circumference and size of the penis.

A VaxAid session of up to 15 minutes is much more comfortable than other pumps and provides real comfort, allowing users to achieve maximum safe pressure levels (when using it in the water).


How to use a penis pump?

  1. Start by warming up the genital area with a gentle massage to loosen the skin and stimulate the penis. Then form a grip with your thumb and forefinger and gently slide it from the base of the penis along the shaft, stopping at the glans.
  2. During the warm-up, you can remove the comfort insert and prepare it to fill with water. Use your finger to squeeze the small black tip at the end of the pump to close the valve. Keeping the tip squeezed, fill the pump with water and replace the insert. Top up with water if necessary to keep the pump as full as possible.
  3. Insert your flaccid penis and press the pump against your body to ensure a comfortable seal. Make sure the testicles are below the seal. Once the pump is properly seated, gently pull it toward the body to create a vacuum. Continue inflating until you reach maximum comfortable and safe pressure.
  4. Continue bathing or showering, leaving the pump on for 3 minutes. After this time, press the clear valve cap on the end of the pump to release the pressure and remove the pump.
  5. Create a grip with your fingers again and gently slide it from the base of the penis along the shaft, stopping at the glans. Repeat this for 2 minutes to allow the penis to relax and return to its flaccid state.
    We recommend repeating this 2 more times for a 15-minute workout.
  6. Limit daily use to 15 minutes (3 x 5 minutes [3 minutes in pump, 2 minutes massage])
  7. Limit weekly use to 5 days (2 days use, rest day, 3 days use, rest day).


What are the effects of using the VaxAid erection pump? 

When used in water, VaxAid exerts stable pressure on the entire penis, which causes a completely natural feeling of erection.

Long-term use leads to more blood flowing to the penis, which causes the corpora cavernosa and corpora spongiosum to dilate, which in turn provides a longer-lasting erection and potentially helps restore full sexual function. To maintain an erection, you may need to use one of the 5 unique compression rings included with the product.

It is important that regular use of the pump allows for gradual and gradual erection of the penis. Additionally, between each step, the internal pressure returns to atmospheric pressure, allowing a short period of full blood flow to and from the penis. This process is more natural and helps avoid bulges at the base of the penis that are common with traditional air pumps.


Dimensions of the VaxAid Deluxe penis vacuum pump

The VaxAid penis vacuum pump is available in 3 sizes V5, V7 and V9. The choice of model depends on the size of the penis:

  • Size V5 - for a penis with a length of approx. 12-13 cm when erect
  • Size V7 - fits most men (over 90%). This size is suitable for a penis of approximately 17-18 cm in length when erect.
  • Size V9 - for a penis with a length of approx. 21-23 cm when erect

If you want to be sure about the selected size of the penis vacuum pump, you can use the calculator on the manufacturer's website: https://vaxaid.com/products/vaxaid-deluxe

Rodzaje pompek do penisa

Erection support using an enlargement pump

Use in water:

  1. In water, VaxAid will achieve the maximum vacuum pressure recommended by the FDA and MHRA. This vacuum must never be exceeded due to the factor limiting the pump's recoil elasticity.
  2. Importantly, the cyclic operation of the pump allows for gradual and staged erection of the penis. Additionally, between each step, the pressure inside the tube returns to atmospheric pressure, allowing a short period of full blood flow to and from the penis. This is a more natural erection process and helps prevent bulges at the base of the penis, as occurs with many traditional air pumps.
  3. The unique flow control valve also allows for the gradual release of vacuum so that the penis can be erected and emptied several times in a short period of time.
  4. Water has both a cushioning and moisturizing effect, so there is no need to use a lubricant when used in water.
  5. During a session in the water, you can use erection rings to maintain an erection. Additionally, you can use a hand ball pump as an additional aid.
  6. Importantly, during training in water, a hard vacuum is created, thus ensuring a gradual and even erection of the penis along its entire length, without the bulging and bending characteristic of many vacuum devices.

Airborne use:

  1. The pump does not create as high a vacuum in air as in water, due to the different physical properties of air and water. You may need to use a hand-held auxiliary pump to create the required vacuum.
  2. The set includes a comfortable insert with a long insert that needs to be lubricated with lubricant.
  3. The VaxAid erection ring, used to maintain an erection, is inserted when the penis is at rest near its base and a water pump is used to create a seal, causing the ring to maintain the erection of the penis. Once a full erection is achieved, the pump can be removed, leaving the ring on the base of the penis. This process ensures a full erection along the entire length of the penis.
  4. The VaxAid erection ring is designed to allow natural ejaculation and is easily removable.


Contents of the package:

  • VaxAid Deluxe pump
  • hand pump
  • 6 erection rings (sizes depend on the VaxAid model)
  • lubricant
  • VaxAid Clean 12ml
  • VaxAid cleaning brush
  • Shower bar
  • Discreet carrying case, towel and padlock
  • Comfortable insole with long insert
  • User manual
  • Replaceable valve pack

ATTENTION! For hygiene reasons, any return of the product under the 14-day return policy will not be accepted if the device is unpacked and the seal is removed from the packaging.

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