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Perforated tandem pessary with a button inside Dr. Arabin

pessar tandem dr. Arabin

Applications of tandem pessaries:

Tandem pessaries are used in patients with stage 3 or 4 uterine prolapse or complete vaginal prolapse. The tandem type double cube pessary is a combination of two cubes: upper and lower. As is the case with a cube pessary, the negative pressure created on the surface of the pessary allows for a good adhesion effect.

In addition to cases of vaginal and uterine prolapse, the tandem pessary may be useful in cases of stress urinary incontinence. The lower ankle supports urethral function. The upper ankle, in turn, provides an adhesive effect (supporting the organs).

After the first pessary insertion, the patient should be re-examined after about a week. At each inspection, the pessary should be removed and cleaned, and the vagina should be examined for erosion, pressure necrosis, or allergic reactions.


Perforated tandem pessary Dr Arabin, i.e. double cube pessary:

The tandem pessary is a combination of two cube pessaries made of tissue-friendly medical silicone, with a button and a permanently welded string for easy replacement. The pessary can be stored at room temperature from 1 to 30 °C, protected from UV radiation.

The tandem pessary is a certified medical device.

The size of the tandem pessary is determined by the length of the ankle edges and selected by the attending physician. The Dr Arabin tandem pessary comes in 5 different sizes of individual combination cubes, which have a minimum edge length of 25 mm (size 0) to a maximum edge length of 50 mm (size 5). The correct selection of the combination size is made by the treating physician and is a prerequisite for safe maintenance and symptom-free use. The cubes should be large enough so that the entire product adheres well when coughing, straining and moving. Cubes that are too large may put pressure on the bladder or intestines and make removal difficult. Treatment should always begin with a combination of knuckles that adhere to both coughing and straining. After a few days or weeks, you may need to change to smaller pessary sizes.

If the patient is unable to urinate or if urinary incontinence is worsened by the pessary, it should be removed and a smaller size or completely different model of pessary (single pessary) should be selected.

pessar tandem dr. Arabin szczegóły


Inserting and removing the tandem pessary yourself:

Pessary tandem dr. Arabin is a safe medical device made of medical silicone. The patient requires appropriate training from the attending physician on how to insert and remove the tandem pessary.

To insert the tandem pessary, you must be in the correct position. The patient places her foot on a chair or the edge of the bed, similarly to inserting a tampon; it may also be enough to insert the pessary with her legs apart, leaning against a wall or lying down. The pessary is then inserted as far into the vagina as possible.

To remove it, the string is pulled - preferably in different directions, possibly also with light pressure on the pessary until the resistance of the pelvic floor muscles disappears. Use your index and/or middle finger to move the available edges of the pessary to release the existing vacuum and the suction effect will disappear.


Tandem pessary - summary:

Gynecological pessaries dr. Arabin are silicone medical devices intended for the treatment of vaginal and uterine depression (reproductive organs). A tandem pessary is two cube pessaries connected together. Tandem pessaries are used in patients with significant reduction (complete vaginal and uterine prolapse - grades 3 and 4). The upper ankle provides an adhesive effect and the lower one provides support for the bladder neck.

Tandem pessaries Dr. Arabin are selected from a combination of two cube pessaries, selected from the sizes listed below:

  • Size 0 = 25 mm
  • Size 1 = 29 mm
  • Size 2 = 32 mm
  • Size 3 = 37 mm
  • Size 4 = 41 mm
  • Size 5 = 45 mm


Contents of the package:

  • Perforated tandem pessary with a button inside Dr. Arabin size 45/45 mm (string attached to size 45),

  • User manual.

Pessary tandem Dr. Arabin is manufactured to individual order when the vagina is unable to hold a standard single pessary. The waiting time for a tandem pessary is approximately 2 weeks.

Note: Product on special order, no return possible.

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