Emy's free pelvic floor training app

Emy's free pelvic floor training app

Emy is a device for exercising the pelvic floor muscles combined with a free mobile application that provides access to exercises prepared by specialists. Thanks to the offered exercises, you will strengthen the strength, endurance and speed of the muscles. The visualization of the course of exercises has been designed in an original way, thanks to which you will never be bored during the session.

If you currently do not have the option to buy an Ema, and you would like to start training with the application or you would like to know the form of exercise, before buying an Ema, no problem! You can download the application to your smartphone now. The application is completely free.

By using the application without Ema, you will have access to all types of exercises. They will help you understand the work of the pelvic day muscles and strengthen them, of course, depending on the goal you set in the application and the selected difficulty level (easy, medium or difficult). This training will give you an insight into how you can strengthen your pelvic floor muscles through the app using the Emy probe.

After selecting the game world, your session will consist of different types of exercises based on 4 indicators such as strength, repetition, endurance and speed. These exercises are based on the medical protocols traditionally used by healthcare professionals in the office.


Exercise to generally strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.


Training of the ability to perform multiple contractions one after the other. As you do them, you will have to tense your muscles and maintain that tension for 3 seconds, then repeat this activity several times. Thanks to them, you will avoid problems during regular efforts, e.g. when climbing stairs or playing sports.


Exercise stimulates slow twitch muscle fibers. During this exercise, you will need to tense your muscles and maintain that tension for a certain period of time. Thanks to this, you will be able to, for example, carry heavier items for a certain period of time.


Exercise stimulates fast twitch muscle fibers. Your task will be to perform quick and short-term tensions several times in a row. Thanks to them, you will avoid problems with letting go, e.g. when sneezing.

If you are convinced of the exercises available in the application, reach for the Emy. Together with her, you will use the same exercises, but with the difference that you will be able to observe the effects of your muscles on the smartphone screen, as well as follow the results obtained in a clear summary of your training.

What is more, the application for training the pelvic floor muscles together with Emy is an intelligent combination that evolves and adapts to your needs and results. This is possible by measuring the strength of the pelvic floor muscles. The measurement is taken at the beginning of each training session, which allows you to calibrate the probe and adjust the level of exercise to the current state of the muscles. This allows the level and difficulty of the exercises to change in line with your progress.

The strength test is performed every fourth exercise, so that the application, in addition to the general MDM status, also takes into account muscle fatigue during a given training.

The sessions last from 5 to 20 minutes, and the first effects of Ema are visible after 3 weeks of use. Remember, your pelvic floor muscles are worth it all the time! Therefore, when you strengthen their strength and endurance together with Emy, it is worth maintaining this effect with systematic training!

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