Menopause - It's never too late to exercise your pelvic floor

Menopause - It's never too late to exercise your pelvic floor

With age, during the period of hormonal decline before and after the menopause, the tissues tend to relax the muscles. This also applies to the pelvic floor muscles, which is why urinary incontinence problems may arise at this time. You do not have to worry that the changes that have occurred in the pelvic floor are irreversible.

It is never too late to exercise, and you can find something for yourself from among the treatments and training options available.

It is also never too early - the period before menopause is the perfect time to take care of your body, which will allow you to prepare for changes and prevent the appearance of strong ailments. By training your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, you will strengthen them, which may help you avoid incontinence and organ prolapse, and keep your sex life high.

Of course, don't hesitate to talk to your doctor, midwife or physical therapist. You can discuss the form of exercise you choose with him. What else can you do to get through the menopause gently?



Reach for foods rich in nutrients: proteins, minerals and vitamins. Also, limit sugar, as weight gain may be a contributing factor to stress urinary incontinence.



To stay in shape, remember to move around as often as possible. Do your chosen physical activity and also regularly train your pelvic floor muscles. You will feel better about yourself, and you will also be more confident and at ease.



Train your gout muscles every day. Choose the exercises that suit you best to maintain your muscles. You can also take advantage of the wide range of devices and equipment for exercising this part of the body. Thanks to them, you will achieve results faster.

Let nothing disturb your second youth!

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