Take care of your sex life by exercising your pelvic floor muscles

Take care of your sex life by exercising your pelvic floor muscles

Most people associate pelvic floor muscle problems with urinary incontinence, but few people know that abnormal tension, whether too weak or too strong, can be reflected in sex.

The pelvic floor plays an important role during intercourse and especially during the various phases. During the pre-orgasm phase, adequate muscle tone is required to increase sensations during the act, but only relaxation causes orgasm. Therefore, the ability to control the muscles of the pelvic floor is a guarantee of intense sensations.

Weak pelvic floor muscles reduce the sensations during intercourse, but what happens when the muscle tone is too high. Well, overly tense muscles can cause pain during intercourse.

These two situations can be remedied by practicing proper tone and control of pelvic floor muscle contractions. Learning to control the pelvic floor muscles can increase the sensation in these parts of your body and therefore your sexual intercourse experience. More flexible and more enduring muscles are definitely a stronger orgasm, and the ability to control them will make it appear more often.

Ladies, I don't think we need to convince you anymore. So get to work!

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